Will New PA Laws Affect The 2024 Elections?

Not sure what could happen in the 2024 elections for the presidency, House of Representatives, and Senate? Look no further than Pennsylvania, one of many states where the G.O.P. is trying to radically change voting laws. Governor Tom Wolf has prevented new voting restrictions from being implemented in the state, but a new Republican governor could pave the way. Want mail-in voting? Tough luck.

Republicans want to almost completely eliminate the practice.

“Trump is looming over this whole thing. Everyone knows if Trump comes out and endorses a candidate, then all bets are off,” said Republican organizer Val Biancaniello.

Republicans want to change voting procedures to reduce fraudulent voting (which is already not a concern when it comes to swaying elections) when justifying attempts to make it more difficult to vote in largely Democratic jurisdictions.

State Representative Seth Grove (Republican-York), introduced a bill that would overhaul the election system with additional measures like stricter voter ID requirements, mail ballot signatures, etc.

Other measures make more sense. The law would allow counties to process mail-in ballots before Election Day, allow early voting (but only beginning after the 2024 election), expand the mail-in ballot deadline, and allow voters to “cure” ballots that were thrown away. 

Grove said, “I view this as our method of doing our best to protect voting rights. We do that through increased accessibility, we do that through increased security, and we do that through modernization.”

The bill would have been called the Voting Rights Protection Act (HB1300). House Speaker Bryan Cutler (Republican-Lancaster) said, “Pennsylvanians must have faith in their elections and this bill is another piece of restoring the public’s trust.”

Of course, much of that trust was eroded by the “Big Lie.”

Governor Wolf described it as “a voter suppression bill.”

Senator David Argall (Republican-Schuylkill) said, “I feel like I’m working in a room filled with gasoline fumes, and there’s more than a few people running around flickering their lighters.”