The Weirdest Reasons People Have Gone To Trial

There are many strange reasons why people go to trial and while some of them are completely ridiculous they are some that are quite humorous. This article will discuss a few of the strangest reasons why people go to trial with an Albany personal injury attorney. Of course, those people going to trial may not have considered it strange.

A California man had a strange visit to a local McDonald’s restaurant. This man ordered some food and asked for an extra napkin. The manager on duty mumbled something that the California man took to be racially discriminated. The California man wrote a letter to the general manager and explained that the incident affected him greatly. He mentioned that he was not able to work due to increased mental anguish and emotional distress. The California man received $1.5 million for the mental and emotional distress that he suffered after the incident.

A judge from Washington DC took a pair of pants to his local drycleaner to have them cleaned. The judge claimed that a pair of pants were returned but they were the wrong ones. He referred to a “satisfaction guarantee”sign in the store as reason to sue the drycleaner for $67 million. He later reduced the lawsuit to $54 million.

The judge claimed that life without his proper pair of pants had been hell. He described the terrible inconvenience, mental suffering, and discomfort that he suffered because of this neglectful dry-cleaning business. During a tirade in court he encouraged thousands of Americans who have been betrayed by satisfaction guaranteed signs to join forces and establish a nationwide lawsuit.

Sadly, his nationwide lawsuit never became a reality because the owner of the drycleaner came in to court and presented the judge with the correct pair of pants. The judge ran out courtroom with tears streaming down his face and to this day he still denies that those were his lost pants.

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