Strange Litigation: Woman Contracts Herpes While Getting Makeup Done…Maybe

One woman got more than she bargained for at the MAC cosmetic counter in Willow Grove Mall a couple years ago. Allegedly, she contracted ocular herpes because the makeup artist was not using disposable brushes. When an ABC news team tried to learn more from MAC, they never responded. 

Tammeka Hill said, “She did a wonderful job with my makeup.”

Unfortunately, a few days later the pain started. Hill visited the emergency room to find out what was wrong, where they informed her of the ocular herpes.

Hill added, “I literally cried myself to sleep that night because I just was like, this is unbelievable.”

The makeup artist who she complimented earlier had been using disposable brushes. Hill knew this wasn’t the way it worked, and so she specifically asked why disposable brushes weren’t being used. 

Hill said, “I asked her, ‘Aren’t you supposed to be using disposable makeup?’ And her exact words were, ‘Girl, you know, I can’t beat no face with no disposable brushes.’”

According to Hill, life only got worse. She had another condition — Lupus, an autoimmune disorder — that made the herpes outbreaks flare up at the most inopportune times, and she lost her job. When she approached MAC about her woes, she told ABC, she only wanted them to issue an apology — and pay for her unexpected bills.

Hill said, “I was having flare up after flare up after flare up after flare up. So at this point, my eyesight was continuously blurry, and I am missing weeks at a time at work. I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my income. So this has completely destroyed my life.”

According to Rowan University Biological Sciences professor Dr. Elizabeth Brooks, makeup counters “do have some really good protocols. Unfortunately, not every counter follows them.”

Believe it or not, there was another case of alleged negligence — and a herpes outbreak — in 2013. In both Hill’s case and the 2013 case, MAC denied responsibility.