The Presidents Who Were Also Lawyers

Anyone that meets the basic requirements and is elected to the position can serve as president. However, a significant number of presidents come from a legal background. It’s easy to see why so many presidents worked as lawyers before entering politics. Working as a lawyer gives you a deeper understanding of the complexities of U.S. law. Here are some of the presidents who were lawyers:

John Adams

Adams, who was the second president of the United States, was the first of many lawyer presidents.

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was a jack of all trades. Although he had many careers over the course of his life, he did spend time working as a lawyer.

Abraham Lincoln

Many consider Lincoln to be the greatest president the United States has ever had. Lincoln accomplished a great deal as president, and he was also an accomplished lawyer.

William Taft

Taft worked as a lawyer and as the dean of a law school.

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson was president of Princeton University, and he was a lawyer as well.

Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge worked as a lawyer and as a public official.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt is another president that frequently appears on lists of all-time greats. He learned the skills that made him a successful president while working as a lawyer.

Gerald Ford

Ford had an interesting career path. He was a football player, he served in the United States Navy, and he worked as a lawyer.

Barack Obama

Obama is the most recent U.S. president with a law degree. Obama also taught law at Harvard before starting his political career.

These are just some of the presidents that were also lawyers. It’s likely that the United States will elect more lawyer presidents in the future. Working as a lawyer gives you a foundation that you can build upon after you are elected president.