Getting Back To Business After COVID-19

We’re not going to mince words when it comes to the current response to COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus: it was abysmal. Because of the government’s ineptitude during this crisis, we will likely be trying to find new ways to respond to ongoing infections for years to come. The hope for a vaccine, for now, remains a pipe dream. Reality is much bleaker. And that means we need to embrace the facts.

Many of us were exposed to the coronavirus when we need not have been, but the legal options for responding to such an assault are severely limited.

Do you run a business or organization trying to make ends meet? We know the feeling. There’s no guarantee that customers will return once your business reopens and it’s anyone’s guess how long you can stay open when that day comes. If you have legal questions and concerns regarding employees and customers, we would love to hear from you. Do you have a story about how your friends and family kept your business afloat? These harrowing tales could be the key to finding meaningful compensation in the days ahead.

Even though local and state governments are beginning to reopen little by little, keep in mind that your business should continue to operate safely. Ask employees to work from home whenever possible. Ask customers and employees to maintain limits on personal contact and always social distance during meetings. Furthermore, keep personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) on hand to keep the risk of exposure low.

We also suggest using plastic shields as a barrier between work spaces. These extra measures will help keep your clients and staff safe. More than that, the measures will also reduce the potential for lawsuits in the days ahead. Our offices have been inundated with questions, comments, and calls for personal injury assistance — and we can’t help everyone. Please do your part to minimize the risk!