Famous TV Characters Who Were Lawyers

Throughout the years, some of the most popular shows on television have revolved around the law. From dramas like The Good Wife and Law and Order to comedies Like Night Court and Ally McBeal, there are a ton of amazing legal shows out there that are definitely worth watching.

There are also a lot of famous TV characters who were lawyers. One of the most obvious examples is Ally McBeal. Calista Flockhart played Ally McBeal, a young lawyer who took a job at a law firm where her ex-boyfriend worked. The show definitely has a comedic aspect to it that makes it a lot of fun to watch.

Speaking of courtroom comedies, you can’t talk about famous TV lawyers without mentioning Dan Fielding. Played by John Larroquette, Dan Fielding was one of the most memorable characters on the show Night Court. If you haven’t check out this popular sitcom from the 1980s, you definitely should. Even though the show is a bit on the older side, it is still as funny today as it was when it was originally made.

If you are more into dramatic shows, The Good Wife has a lot of memorable characters, including a Dallas personal injury attorney. Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, who is the main character of the show. There are a ton of other memorable lawyers on the show as well including Cary Agos, played by Matt Czuchry, Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, and Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles.

These are some of the most famous TV characters who were lawyers. All of the actors who played these roles did a fantastic job. Every single one of the shows mentioned above is worth watching. If you like shows that revolve around legal issues, you should add all of these TV shows to your watchlist. Chances are, you will be glad that you did.

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