The Most Famous Prison Inmates of All Time

In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous prison inmates of all time. To start us off we have Al Capone, who made an infamous name for himself during the time of the prohibition. He definitely could have used an Alameda County estate planning attorney to manage his finances, as tax evasion was his ultimate downfall.

Coming in at number two is Charles Manson. Charles Manson was the leader of the “Manson Family” who killed countless people, including Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time of her death.

The third most famous prison inmate on our list is Ted Kaczynski, or as he was better known, “The Unabomber.” This man built and placed bombs all over the United States of America with a goal to “take out the system.”

The next most famous prison inmate is Tom Horn. Tom Horn was a cold-blooded killer who lived in the 1880s.

The next infamous individual on our list of prison inmates is Adam Lanza. This was a very troubled young man who killed many children and educators in a school shooting during the year of 2012.

Sixth when it comes to the most famous inmates is John Wayne Gacy. This man was proven to be responsible for over 35 murders, many of them involving sexual assault and torture. He earned the nickname of “Killer Clown” as he would dress up as a character named Pogo the Clown for events and even children’s parties.

The last of the famous prison inmates we will mention is quite famous indeed. This individual is Ted Bundy. This man was a serial killer who would lure women into thinking he was injured before killing them.

In the conclusion, this is the list of the most famous inmates ever to grace the inside of a prison. Some are not alive anymore, and some are still breathing. No matter what the situation we do not condone any of the crimes committed. However, due to their crimes, they are well known across the world and will never be forgotten.

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