Who Are The Most Famous Lawyers Of All Time?

The legal profession plays a critical role in a civil society, as attorneys represent clients and defend or advocate for them, and sometimes act as prosecutors who seek to protect the public. Whole genres of fiction, television, and movies revolve around legal dramas, and lawyers regularly make the news, but who are the most famous lawyers of all time?

Many lawyers go from practicing law to making laws or enforcing them through legislative or executive careers in the government, with a handful going on to become a NYC personal injury attorney or even President. Abraham Lincoln is one such example. Widely considered to be the best American executive across history, he earned his nickname of Honest Abe with his legal clients before he went into politics. A prime example of his courtroom success was in 1858 in defending a client against murder charges. He discredited eyewitness testimony by using a Farmer’s Almanac of all things, eventually getting his client acquitted.

Joe Jamail is not perhaps a household name like Lincoln, but is certainly famous among lawyers. The so-called King of Torts became the richest lawyer in the land, becoming a billionaire off of high-profile cases. One such case was when he represented Pennzoil in a case against Texaco. The result was the biggest jury award ever. The sum was more than 10 billion dollars, and he banked over 300 million himself on a contingency fee. He later on would go against Remington Arms, Honda, and General Motors for more big paydays.

John Adams was also a lawyer who helped defend eight soldiers that got charged with participation in the Boston Massacre. He got six acquitted and charges reduced on two more. His success in that case helped him land a Massachusetts legislature vacancy that lead to a political career seeing him become a Founding Father, an American ambassador, and the next President after George Washington.

Here is a list of some more famous lawyers: