Which Countries Around The World Have The Worst Court Systems?

In America, you are innocent until proven guilty, or at least that is what they say. Every court system throughout the world has its flaws. Citizens of the US often forget just how much freedom they have with their Brooklyn personal injury lawyer and how good things are until they take a look around at other countries. There are some truly horrendous examples of court systems and judicial processes throughout the world. In fact, there are countries where citizens still often take matters into their own hands.

Which countries have the worst judicial systems? One of them is Venezuela. Taking a closer look, two more countries that top the list are El Salvador and Bolivia. As you can tell, Latin America takes the cake when it comes to countries with the most challenges when it comes to court systems. What are some of those challenges, and what steps can the countries take to eliminate concerns and treat citizens more fairly?

Make no mistake about it, an unfair judicial system compromises the freedom of a country’s citizens. It also speaks to the level and volume of criminal corruption in a country. So it goes both ways. There is no trust between citizens and government on all accounts, and that isn’t good for anyone. The entire country suffers under a broken judicial system, and if there is a winner, it is crime and lots of it.

One of the countries mentioned so far is said to be in the midst of a constitutional crisis. That country is El Salvador, and while they are in a constitutional crisis, it is because they are trying to take steps to fix their broken judicial system. Whether they can do so or not remains to be seen, but they would like to see the country’s name removed from the list of countries with the worst court systems.

If you would like to get a taste of what the court system in Venezuela is like, please watch the video below: