What Is a Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is a kind of lawsuit where one of the parties to the lawsuit is a group of people grouped together and represented by one specific member of that group. This type of lawsuit originally occurred in the United States and it is still primarily a U.S legal form of action. A lot of these lawsuits are to help protect consumers from big business and corporations.

In case of a class action lawsuit, a plaintiff sues the defendant for a variety of defendants for a specific group of absent parties. This is completely different from a traditional lawsuit where one specific party sues another specific party and everyone is fully present in the court hearing and case. This is typically something that only occurs when one person has been injured or resulted in damages from one party in particular and hires an Austin personal injury attorney. Instead of everyone suing the defendant in separate cases, all of the members are able to be resolved in one single case and hearing.

These kinds of cases ultimately survived in the United States because the Supreme Court decided in favor of it. When it comes to federal courts, these kinds of cases are governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Cases in federal courts are only allowed to proceed as class actions if the court has the full jurisdiction of the case and if the case meets the specific criteria based on Rule 23.

Some states have their own civil procedure systems which are very different from the federal rules. There are actually four different kinds of class actions in California for example. Also, some states like Virginia, do not provide for any class actions whereas others like New York actively limit the kinds of claims that can be brought on as such.

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