Can You Sue If You Spill Coffee On Yourself?

One of the most famous lawsuits in history is the hot coffee lawsuit. The suit, which was filed after a woman was burned by McDonald’s coffee, is often used as an example of frivolous lawsuits.

If you’re familiar with this case, you may be wondering what this says about civil law. Can you really sue if you spill coffee on yourself?

It’s important to note that the circumstances of the hot coffee lawsuit are extremely unusual. The woman in question didn’t just spill coffee on herself and call a lawyer. The McDonald’s that she bought her coffee from was serving coffee that was boiling hot. The restaurant had been warned about the temperature of their coffee before, but they failed to heed the warning.

The woman burned herself when she was holding the styrofoam cup of coffee between her legs. The coffee was so hot that it actually melted through the cup. She had severe third-degree burns on her legs, and she sued McDonald’s in order to cover her medical bills. The case only went to court because McDonald’s refused to settle with the woman. After she won her case, McDonald’s changed their practices.

Simply spilling coffee on yourself isn’t enough to justify hiring a Marietta personal injury attorney. If you want to file a case, you need to show that the restaurant was negligent in some way. If you have reason to believe that the coffee you spilled on yourself was served at a dangerously hot temperature, you might have a case.

There is a lot of misinformation about civil lawsuits, and the hot coffee case is a great example of that. While you may believe that the lawsuit was frivolous, the woman actually had a very strong case. Most of the time, people that spill coffee on themselves can’t take the case to court.

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