The Best Courtroom TV Shows

For many years, the popularity of courtroom TV shows has been on the rise. In this article, we will talk about some of the best courtroom TV shows to be put on broadcast.

1. Judge Judy

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, courtroom TV shows is Judge Judy. This show follows Judith Sheindlin, and has been on television since the year of 2016. Judge Judy is known for her quick wit and tough love when dealing with those who bring cases before her. You don’t need to be a Kansas City Missouri personal injury attorney to understand that this show is hilarious!

2. The People’s Court

Another excellent courtroom TV show is The People’s Court, which follows the cases brought before Judge Marilyn Milian. The series has been on television since the year of 1981, with Judge Milian presiding over the courtroom since the year of 2001.

3. Divorce Court

One of the best courtroom TV shows is Divorce Court, which originally made its way to television in the year 1957. Today, Judge Lynn Toler handles the cases brought onto the show. The show follows soon-to-be exes who bring their stories before Judge Toler before they finalize their divorce from each other. Judge Toler will hear each side and then rule/settle the case by the end of the episode.

4. Hot Bench

This television show is a little different from the others in the sense that instead of one judge hearing each case, there are three. Hot Bench has been on television since 2014 and was created by none other than Judge Judith Sheindlin. After the panel of judges hears each side, they discuss the facts of the case with each other before settling on a verdict.

In conclusion, there are many excellent courtroom television shows being broadcast today, but these mentioned here today are the best in terms of popularity and ratings. If you have not watched an episode of these shows, we highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!