How To Become A Judge In 6 Steps

Becoming a judge requires hard work. However, the steps to become one is straightforward. Here’s a brief guide on how to become a judge.

1. Go to undergraduate school. This is the first step, but you don’t have undertake a specific major in order to attend law school. However, many law students do gold degrees in business, history, economics or political science.

2. Earn a degree in law. The majority of judges have worked a Nashville social security lawyer. Not only that, but a law degree may be required for certain judgeships.

3. Take and pass the bar exam. Before you can practice law, you are required to take and pass it, but you will usually need to be licensed before you are granted admission to a bar and this means there are a number of exams you would have had to take. Some of these exams include a state-specific exam, Multi-state Bar Exam and an ethics exam.

4. Get a job as an attorney when you are finally licensed to practice law. It really doesn’t matter what area of law you practice. The key is to gain experience working as an attorney.

5. Next you want to obtain judgeship, which happens either by becoming elected or appointed. However, if you are hoping to become nominated as a judge, then you will usually need a solid history in the legal field. In some cases, politicians will need to offer you their support.

6. Training may be required after you have been elected or appointed. The type of training you’ll be required to undergo depends on where you are a judge. Generally speaking, you can expect to undertake some form of training.

Now you know how to become a judge. The process is straightforward. However, a lot of work and effort will be involved, but it is worth it.

The video embedded below goes more in-depth on how to plan out your steps if you plan on becoming a judge: