Appealing A Court Decision Or Judgement

When you go to court the judge or the jury make’s a decision. And you have the right to have that judgment be reviewed – that’s called filing an appeal. A brand new court called the appeals court will review what happened during your initial trial and will determine if there were any errors of law. If there was an error that contributed to your judge or jury’s decision, that will reverse it.

An appeal is a review of the trial court’s application of law, meaning did the judge make the correct rulings on motions and objections. An appeal is heard by several judges depending on jurisdiction. Currently, there are 9 judges serving in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. The process is filing an appellate brief to the appeals court that explains how the judge incorrectly applied the law. The appellate judges take the briefs, court documents, and records, and listen to oral arguments to determine if the decision should be reversed.